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Pre-Test Lessons

Before undertaking your official driving test, booking a pre-test lesson is a fantastic way of getting used to the format of the real test. Pre-testing can also help put you at ease regarding your driving test and can help you to understand any areas that require improvement or tweaking in your driving.
Paula provides pre-test lessons for learners all over Clane and the surrounding areas. This service helps learners familiarise themselves with common test routes to ensure that they feel as prepared and comfortable as possible before undertaking the official driving test.
During a pre-test, our instructor acts as a driving tester, bringing you to drive on a sample test route and marking you the same way as a real tester would. After finishing your pre-test lesson, your instructor will go through any improvements required to allow you to work on this in preparation for the real test and equip you for a successful and positive driving test in the future.

Crowe Driving School

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Why Book a Pre-Test With Crowe Driving School?

Helps You Understand the Format of The Real Driving Test
Helps Build Confidence & Take the Fear Out of The Real Test
Helps Familiarise Learners With Local Test Routes
Helps Learners Practise Driving Independently & Without In-Depth Instruction
Helps Identify Areas of Driving That Require Improvement
Gives an Indication of Learner’s Readiness for The Real Driving Test
Goes Through All Areas of Driving Test in Detail, Including Theory, Vehicle Checks, Secondary Controls & Driving

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Pre-Tests FAQ

What happens in a pre-test lesson?

A pre-test lesson is essentially a simulation of a real driving test with in-depth feedback given by your instructor afterwards. During your pre-test, your instructor will act as a driving tester would, sitting beside you and giving instructions on where to drive while taking notes. After the lesson, your instructor will give in-depth information on any faults incurred and how to remedy these before your real driving test.

When should I take a pre-test driving lesson?

This all depends on how comfortable you are with driving. We recommend taking a pre-test lesson approximately a week before your actual test to allow you to practise fixing any faults that may occur. Some learners also take a pre-test lesson an hour or two before their actual driving test to reduce nervousness.

How much does a pre-test lesson cost?

This varies depending on a number of factors, including the duration of the lesson needed and what car you’re using. Get in touch for a free quote on any of our Kildare driving lessons.

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