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Driving Lessons

Paula is an ADI qualified Kildare driving instructor who offers driving lessons for all drivers, including complete beginners and nervous drivers. Paula approaches driving lessons in a relaxed, empathetic, and personable manner. She tweaks her professional teaching style to match the learning preferences of her students.

Our driving lessons can be done in our manual Ford Fiesta Titanium learner car or in your vehicle. We offer manual and automatic driving lessons, but learners should note that automatic lessons are only available if you already have an automatic car. If you're looking for a safe, professional, and reliable driving instructor to help equip you for safe driving that lasts you a lifetime, choose Crowe Driving School today.

Crowe Driving School

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EDT Driving Lessons

Before applying for your driving test, the RSA requires that you complete at least 12 hours of EDT driving lessons. These lessons cover a range of different aspects of driving and are designed to help you become a confident, competent, and safe driver. Here at Crowe Driving School, we are ADI qualified to offer all EDT lessons and offer options to book lessons on a lesson-by-lesson basis or as a 12 lesson package. We work with all kinds of drivers including total beginners, novices, and nervous drivers to ensure enjoyable and beneficial driving lessons that you can rely on to help you pass your test confidently.

Lessons for Nervous Drivers

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be nerve-wracking, which is why Crowe Driving School is here to help. Whether you’re nervous about driving in general or just hate the idea of being tested, our empathetic and professional instructor works to make driving as stress-free, uncomplicated, and relaxed as possible, putting you at ease and empowering you to begin the journey of becoming a safe, confident, and happy driver on Irish roads.

Own Car Driving Lessons

For many learner drivers, learning how to drive in a car of your own can be encouraging and advantageous when it comes to doing the test, as you are familiar with the feel of the car and its controls. While we offer manual driving lessons from our own company car, we are also happy to provide both manual and automatic driving lessons using the learner’s own car, offering professional, empathetic, and enjoyable teaching from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Beginners & Improvers Driving Lessons

Whether you’re a total beginner or simply need some refresher lessons, Crowe Driving School can help. Our Kildare driving school offers driving lessons for all types of drivers, encouraging you to drive safely, confidently, and professionally in a stress-free and relaxed manner. As well as standard EDT driving lessons, we provide pre-test driving lessons around all of Clane and the surrounding areas to familiarise you with popular test routes and roads.


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Driving Lessons FAQ

When can I start driving lessons after getting my provisional licence?

Learner drivers can begin driving lessons as soon as they obtain their provisional licence.

When can I apply to do my driving test?

You can apply to do your driving test as soon as you obtain your provisional licence, but won’t be offered a driving test slot until all 12 of your EDT lessons have been completed.

Can I pass the driving test with only 12 lessons done?

This all depends on the student, but generally it’s recommended that a student undertakes 2-3 hours of independent driving practise for each hour of lessons. As well as this, many learners will require more lessons than the mandatory 12 EDT lessons, but this can be discussed with your driving instructor.

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