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Welcome to Crowe Driving School

Learn to Drive With Our Kildare Driving School

Based in the heart of Clane and servicing students in Kildare and the surrounding areas, Crowe Driving School is a professional driving school run by our experienced and ADI-qualified instructor, Paula Twomey. With an emphasis on personable, empathetic, and patient teaching styles tailored to the needs of each student, Crowe Driving School approaches learning to drive safely as a life skill that can be taught in a calm, relaxed, and fun manner.


Paula's encouragement based teaching style can turn even the most nervous learner into a confident and responsible motorist.

Our driving lessons are suitable for all drivers, including first-time, improving, and nervous drivers. Classes can be conducted in your car or from our manual Ford Fiesta Titanium. Flexible lesson schedules and pricing are available.


We offer EDT lessons for manual and automatic drivers and pre-tests and car hires for your driving test.
Paula is passionate about teaching, and she'll make sure that your journey to becoming a safe and qualified driver is informative and enjoyable and equips you with all the skills you need to be a happy motorist for years to come

Crowe Driving School

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Why Choose Crowe Driving School For Your Driving Lessons

ADI Qualified Instructor

Paula Twomey is an ADI qualified instructor offering professional and reliable driving lessons. Her teaching style prioritises practical and accessible instruction to equip learners with the skills needed for safe, life-long driving.

Lessons Tailored to Your Learning Needs

Paula understands that all learners are different, which is why she tailors lessons to suit the student's learning needs. She makes every effort to make a learner feel comfortable, relaxed, and empowered.

Flexible Driving Lessons, Pre-Tests & Car Rental

From late night lessons to early morning pre-tests, car rental, and everything in between, Crowe Driving School provides flexible scheduling in all of our services to ensure that your needs are catered to when it comes to acing your driving test.

Crowe Driving School FAQ

I’m looking for driving lessons near me. Where are you based?

Crowe Driving School is a Kildare driving instructor based in Clane. We offer our services to students across all of Clane, Kildare, and the surrounding areas.

How many lessons do I need to pass my driving test?

In order to apply for your driving test, you require at least 12 EDT lessons. As well as this, students require continual independent practise and often require additional driving lessons to fully equip them for the official driving test. If you’re unsure of how many lessons you need, get in touch with us today.

What should I bring to my driving lessons?

You should bring your learner permit and official EDT logbook to your driving lessons. Your logbook will be given to you by your driving instructor in your first lesson.

How long are driving lessons?

A standard driving lesson lasts one hour, but we also have two hour lessons available.

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